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How do you brew Crio Bru?

Crio Bru is made any way that traditional coffee is brewed. You can make it in a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent gold filter (not paper), or in a French Press.  See brewing guide for more information.

Why can't I use a paper filter?

Cacao brews slower than coffee and it can cause the water to overflow in your coffee machine. A permanent gold tone filter is recommended because it is more porous and allows for slower brewing.

What is theobromine?

A natural, non-addictive stimulant found in cacao that gives you long lasting energy without the jitters or crash of caffeine. Unlike caffeine, Theobromine is not a central nervous system stimulant and therefore won’t make you feel as on edge or jittery.  

Is there caffeine in Crio Bru’s brewed cacao?

Crio Bru is 99.9% caffeine free with 10-15mg caffeine- about as much as decaf coffee.

Is brewed cacao addictive?

No. Crio contains a natural stimulant from the cacao bean called theobromine and it is not addictive.

Is Crio bru high in acidity?

Brewed cacao is near to pH Neutral (6.4 - 6.8) and is significantly less acidic than coffee. Many people that have had to avoid coffee due to the acidity have happily switched to Crio Bru and have not had any problems. Cacao beans are also very high in Magnesium which helps to reduce acidity in the body.

How is Crio Bru produced?

Crio Bru has painstakingly searched the globe to find the very best cacao beans for brewed cacao beverages. Our premium cacao beans are carefully hand-selected and dried naturally by the sun to enhance the full-bodied chocolate flavor. Once the cacao beans are dried, we use our proprietary roasting method to roast our cacao beans to perfection. Once roasted, we use a special grinding method to carefully grind our beans to ensure your Crio Bru batch has the very best pure dark chocolate flavor. Our grounds are then packaged and sold to you!

Where does the name Crio Bru come from?

Crio Bru gets its name after the rarest and finest of cacao bean in the world, the Criollo bean.

What happens to the fat?

The fat stays in the grounds that remain in the filter basket and only trace amounts are in the finished product.

Is Crio Bru organic?

All of our varieties are organically grown but some of the countries that we source from do not offer organic certifications. We do buy organic certified beans when possible.

Is Crio Gluten free, Dairy free, Kosher, Non GMO?


How do you know synthetic pesticides have not been used? 

Crio Bru works directly with the farmers and ensures all of our high standards are upheld and we have them analyzed periodically to ensure they are organically grown.

What is the shelf life of Crio Bru?

Minimum of 2 years.

If I brew Crio Bru, how long will it stay fresh for?

When refrigerated, Crio will stay fresh for at least 2 days. Use the carafe or pour it into a separate container.

If Crio is roasted and ground how do you ensure that the nutrients are still intact?

We have done all of our nutritional testing on roasted, ground and brewed Crio Bru so the numbers you see are specific and accurate to brewed Crio.

Can you brew it with milk? 

Yes.  Crio can be brewed with milk and will give you an amazing gourmet “hot chocolate” if you add a little sweetener.

Can you brew it with cold water?

Cold brewing does not work well with Crio as the cocoa butter is an oil and repels water unless it is warm enough for it to dissolve and allow the hot water to extract the flavor.

What is the difference between Direct Trade and Fair Trade?

Many of our beans are Fair Trade certified but we also work direct with many farmers that are not certified. In these cases, we have strict guidelines to ensure that cacao beans are acquired at a fair price, cultivated sustainably, and grown under safe and fair work conditions.

How does cacao help people lose weight?

Cocoa polyphenols (a class of antioxidants) block an enzyme that absorbs fat so some of the fat passes through. Cacao also has neurotransmitters that make you feel satisfied and curb appetite. Theobromine also helps to boost your metabolism.

What are the health benefits of Crio?

Cacao is loaded with nutrients that can lower your acidity intake, boost your immune system, help you lose weight, and best of all help you feel great, increase focus, reduce stress, and sleep better.

Crio Bru Brewed Cacao Beverage is also:

  • Made from 100% pure ground cacao
  • Whole 30, Paleo, Keto, and Kosher
  • 100% gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free, soy free, sodium free and sugar free.
  • Non-GMO and Organic (Ecuador, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint)

What is the difference between Crio Bru brewed cacao and cocoa powder?

Crio is 100% roasted and ground cacao beans using the finest cacao beans available and minimally processing it to retain the health benefits. Cocoa powder is processed into liquor and then the cocoa butter is pressed out and the resulting cocoa solids are then ground up and turned into a powder.

How did you come up with this idea?

For thousands of years, Central and South American civilizations prepared a chocolaty drink called ka’kao – the drink of the Gods. Served to kings in golden cups, this cacao beverage was prized for its energizing and restorative properties. It was passed down from generation to generation until Cortes landed in the new world and the tradition was lost.

Enter Crio Bru.  Founded in 2010 by renowned chocolatier Eric Durtschi, Crio Bru crafted this ancient tradition into delicious natural/organic brewed cacao beverages.

Is Crio Bru more like coffee or tea?

Crio Bru light roasts brew to a similar consistency to tea.  Crio Bru french (dark) roasts brew to a similar consistency to coffee.  Still others say all varieties a whole different thing.  You be the judge!

What else can I do with the Crio Bru grounds after I brew them?

  • Makes great compost for rich soil (as long as the grounds are not pet accessible)
  • Add the grounds to shakes for added nutrition and fiber
  • Add the grounds to many of your favorite recipes (see our blog for recipe ideas!)
  • The grounds also make an excellent skin exfoliate